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Ulere Tora V

Celere (Imp Portugal) x Lua D Oliveira (Imp Portugal)

3rd December 2023 | Colt | Buckskin | Est. mature height 15.3hh - 16hh

Lusitano (PSL)

LHAA and APSL (pending)


Don't let this opportunity slip away!

ULERE TORA V is an exceptional Lusitano colt with a breathtaking buckskin coat and a friendly, inquisitive temperament. Despite his young age, he already displays remarkable agility, lightness on his feet, and natural collection, making him the perfect dancing partner for anyone interested in Working Equitation or seeking a friend to do a bit of everything with.

Offspring of CELERE (Imp) are known for their exceptional trainability!

As ULERE TORA V grows, we expect him to reach a height of 15.3hh. He takes after his distinguished sire CELERE (Imp) in build, character, and bravery, inheriting breathtaking beauty, straight movement, powerful hock action, and world-class pedigree from his sire and dam.

While ULERE TORA V is of excellent stallion quality and has the potential to be an exceptional breeding stallion within the APSL studbook, we do understand that owning a stallion may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, we would be happy for his new owners to geld him.


ULERE TORA V has been raised in a professional environment and is easy to handle. His IgG levels were tested after birth, and he was found to be a healthy foal with no complications. He was introduced to the farrier when he was 2 weeks old, and he is now on a 5-week farrier regimen. Like all our foals, ULERE TORA V will receive regular worming and vaccinations, be microchipped, and all necessary registrations will be organized. By weaning age, he will learn to lead, tie, be rugged, and be float trained, making him all set for his new home.


The sire, CELERE (Imp), is a stallion of remarkable character and dressage abilities, having represented Australia at the Tokyo Paralympic Games 2021. He is widely known for his exceptional temperament and impressive performance record. He is a 'Recommended for Dressage Breeding Sire' by APSL - a stallion highly recommended for producing offspring for dressage. There are less than 50 Lusitano's worldwide of this calibre. CELERE (Imp) is the only Lusitano outside of Portugal to receive this prestigious title, a testament to his dressage abilities and an excellent example of the Lusitano breed.

The dam, LUA D' OLIVEIRA (Imp), is our foundation Lusitano mare, which we imported from Portugal in 2021. She is a mare of exceptional quality, known for her beauty, gentle temperament and powerful movement. With an impressive grading score of 74.5 points, she is one of the highest-graded Lusitano mares in Australasia. LUA D' OLIVEIRA (Imp) was broken to saddle prior to becoming a broodmare and showed excellent trainability. Her offspring are located in Australia, Norway and Portugal.

LUA D' OLIVEIRA (Imp) is 3/4 Coudelaria de Alter and shares her lines with Olympic dressage sensations RUBI (AR) and FENIX DE TINEO. Both stallions are recommended for dressage with the APSL. In addition, SOL, the grandsire of Lua D' Oliveira (Imp, is also a recommended sire for dressage.

Photos from 3rd March 2024

Photos from 25th February 2024

Photos from 28th January 2024

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