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Celere (IMP Portugal)


9th January 2007 | Buckskin (EeAAnCr)| 15.3hh

APSL Recommended sire of Dressage ★★★★

Imported Lusitano stallion

APSL approved for breeding | LHAA, FEI and EA registered

WSSF negative | PSSM1 negative



Top Achievements

Represented AUS - 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

9th FEI Grade II Ind. Test - Tokyo Paralympic Games

7th in the FEI Para Grade II World Rankings 2021

Short listed | 2016 Rio Paralympic Games

AUS High Performance Squad 2019-2022

Overall Champion Equestrian Life Para Dressage 2019


EL Highest Placed Combination FEI Grade II


EL Highest Placed FEI Para Combination NSW

EL Highest Placed FEI Para Combination Internationally


Champion FEI Grade II - Sydney CPEDI 2021 2018


Champion FEI Grade II - Tokyo Test Event 2020


Champion FEI Grade II - Brisbane CPEDI 2019

Champion FEI Grade II - Sydney CPEDI 2019


Most successful stallion Buckskin Nationals 2018


Power, presence and beauty
CELERE is a natural-born showman with power, presence and beauty! Very quiet and renowned as the perfect gentleman, CELERE can enter an arena and stop people in their tracks. CELERE oozes grace and power with three exceptional gaits - he has a superb ground-covering walk, a canter that is uphill, active and wonderfully balanced, his trot is the highlight of his gaits, is straight, graceful and full of cadence, with this CELERE has a natural talent for passage and piaffe. CELERE has excellent conformation, a classic Lusitano roman profile, and a good strong back and hindquarter; he has correct angles, straightness and good bone substance.

'Recommended for Dressage' by the APSL

After his stunning performance at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, CELERE has since been awarded the prestigious title 'Recommended for Dressage Breeding Sire' by APSL and now proudly holds the 4 stars ★★★★ next to his name as a stallion highly recommended for producing offspring for dressage.

There are less than 50 Lusitano's worldwide of this calibre, and CELERE is the only Lusitano outside of Portugal to gain this prestigious title, testament to his dressage ability and an outstanding example of the Lusitano breed.

A Paralympic star
Without any doubt, CELERE was the most talked-about horse of the Tokyo Paralympic Games and not just for his stunning gold coat, and movie star looks, it was more for his super relaxed demeanour and gentleman-like manners. CELERE enjoyed all the attention - with volunteers and officials stopping to say hello and to take photos. TV commentators teased that luggage bags would need to be checked on departure as everyone had fallen in love with Celere and wanted to take him home!

Versatility Success

CELERE has campaigned internationally at the most prestigious events - winning national level morphology (confirmation/movement) as a yearling in Portugal, competing in dressage at the renowned Golegã Horse Fair and winning gold level medium dressage in England.


Since arriving in Australia in 2016, CELERE has added to his impressive credentials by carrying his para rider to representing Australia at the Paralympic Games, gaining High-Performance squad recognition and winning countless FEI International, national and state championships.

CELERE has proven himself the perfect all-rounder in various disciplines, regularly competing at official open dressage. In addition, he was the highest awarded stallion at the 2018 Buckskin Nationals, where he was unbeatable in led, hunter and ridden classes.


CELERE is a proven sire with offspring in Europe and Australia. His sons and daughters have all shown they inherit many qualities of their father with their natural cadence, correct confirmation, friendly and unflappable temperaments, willingness to learn and movie star good looks with the famous soft CELERE eyes. Despite his 15.2 7/8hh height, CELERE is renown for throwing tall, athletic foals with beautiful straight long legs.

For colour enthusiasts, CELERE is DNA colour tested EeAAnCr and has produced cremello, buckskin and perlino offspring.

CELERE has produced excellent offspring with mares of the following breeding - Lusitano, Lusitano Sport Horse, KWPN, Hanoverian, Trakehner, Thoroughbred, Andalusian, Australian Stock Horse, Appaloosa, Warlander and Friesian.

Foals by CELERE (Imp) bred by Tora V PRE & Lusitano Stud

- Sir Foxley Tora V

- Wynton Tora V

- Ollivander Tora V

Celere offspring
Celere offspring
Celere offspring
Celere offspring
Celere offspring
Celere offspring
Celere offspring
Celere offspring
Celere offspring

Sire: Estoiro ★★★★★


Dam: Noz

Grand Sire: Zico


Nilo - Manuel Veiga (MV)


Firme - Andrade (SA)

Quimono - Silveiras (SS)


ESTOIRO ★★★★★ to date, is 1 of only 11 stallions to be awarded the highest merit by the APSL (Portuguese Studbook). Merit breeders hold 5 stars ★★★★★ and only granted to recommended stallions with outstanding offspring that have distinguished themselves at the highest level through their functionality with good gaits, good character and beauty. ESTOIRO has offspring with medals of gold and silver in morphology and movement and many excelling in dressage.

ZICO is found in many high-level dressage Lusitano pedigrees such as CELERE, ECUADOR (MVL) and FOGOSO (MTV). They all represented Australia and Portugal at the Tokyo Paralympic and Olympic Games. HOSTIL, a prominent son of ZICO, is regarded as one of the best breeding stallions in Portugal. In 2011 HOSTIL was ridden by Olympic rider Anky can Grunsven at the PSL International Festival, demonstrating his skill and rideability. ZICO was sold to Mexico and became the foundation stallion for Las Morerias, where he won numerous Best Breeder Awards in Mexico and the United States.


FIRME is and will be forever remembered as one of the most influential stallions of the Lusitano breed. Fernando Sommer d’Andrade and his father, Dr Ruy d’Andrade, were responsible for the foundation of the renowned Andrade (SA) lineage. FIRME was offered to their excellent friend Manuel Veiga on lease to cover many of his best mares. FIRME had a glorious career in bullfighting, and the purpose behind the offer was to introduce Andrade (SA) blood into the Veiga (MV) breeding which consisted of pure lineage. FIRME was used for a brief period at the Veigas, where he sired essential offspring, with names such as NOVILHEIRO (MV), OPUS II (MV), NEPTUNO (MV) and NILO (MV). After the lease at the Veigas, FIRME served at several other Portuguese breeders. It is universally recognized that the massive success of this heritage was only made possible by the overwhelming dominance of the Veiga (MV) blood.

NILO was the personal mount for Manuel Veiga. He left 226 direct descendants enrolled in the Portuguese Studbook and was regarded as a historical sire for the Lusitano breed. NILO is the grandsire of ALCAIDE, an impressive chestnut stallion bred by Oliveira Martins that represented Spain with his rider, Claudio Castilla Ruiz, at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

QUIMONO is a historically significant Lusitano stallion, approved with 80 points. He was acquired by Coudelaria Nacional (CN) and was included in CN’s stallion leasing program – whose objective is the improvement of the breed - to be used by other Portuguese breeders. Many high-level and Olympic dressage horses carry the lines of QUIMONO. Many greats such as XIRIPITI and ZIMBRO from Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire.

Celere Pedigree
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