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Sylvie Tora V (IIU Portugal)

Epá x Lua D Oliveira (Imp)

28th March 2022 | Grey (EEaaGg) | 15.3hh EST

Imported in utero Lusitano filly

APSL and LHAA registered

WSSF negative | PSSM1 negative


To a wonderful home in VIC as a future Working Equitation star!

SYLVIE TORA V was imported in utero with her dam LUA D' OLIVEIRA and was born three months after arriving in Australia.

SYLVIE TORA V oozes quality with her stunning appearance, the way she carries herself and her beautiful soft and friendly character. SYLVIE TORA V is extremely light-footed and has acquired the nickname twinkle toes.

EPÁ is the sire of SYLVIE TORA V. A charming grey Lusitano stallion bred by Jose Pereira Palha and approved by APSL (Portuguese Studbook) with 70 points; Scoring 8s for walk, canter and head. EPÁ is well known for his temperament and has been used many times for modelling, exhibitions showcasing the Lusitano breed and each year competing and attending the famous Feira da Golegã. EPÁ has successfully campaigned in one-handed Working Equitation and up to Inter I level dressage.

OFICIAL (MAC) the sire of EPÁ is a cremello (Isabel) coloured stallion from Manuel Assunção Coimbra MAC). His sire HÀBIL (MV), by Dardo II MV is a Veiga stallion from the Firme /Nilo/Novilheiro heritage who has produced many influential sons and daughters

LUA D' OLIVEIRA is the dam of SYLVIE TORA V. An exquisite Lusitano mare with captivating eyes and a calm, gentle temperament. Approved by APSL (Portuguese Studbook) with 74.5 points, it currently makes her the highest graded Lusitano mare in Australia, which is a testament to her quality. Scoring 8s for walk, trot, head, withers, chest and croup.

On the dam side, SYLVIE TORA V has strong Coudelaria de Alter lines, which she shares with Olympic dressage sensations RUBI (AR) and FENIX DE TINEO. Both stallions are recommended for dressage with the APSL. In addition, SOL, the grandsire of LUA D' OLIVEIRA, is also a recommended sire for dressage. This prestigious title is only awarded to Lusitanos that have proven themselves at international level and is approved only by the APSL board.


Sire: EPÁ

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