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Bradgate Park Whitney (Dec)

Wynton (IFS) x Ego Guinivere
Jazz | Matador | Grannus II

2nd May 2010 | Chestnut (eeAa) | 16.1hh

AWHA registered Warmblood Mare

WSSF negative | PSSM1 negative

On the 26th of January 2023, our beautiful Whitney sadly passed away, leaving behind her 2 month old foal Sir Foxley Tora V, in our care. We are deeply heartbroken by the loss of our truly amazing mare that, during her time with us, filled our hearts with so much pride and love as we watched her give birth and raise her 2 beautiful colts Wynton Tora V and Sir Foxley Tora V.

As we write this update, It has been nearly 2 weeks since Fox lost his mum, and he is doing amazingly well with all things considered. He has a wonderful friendship with our performance warmblood mare, HH Sunkist (Sunny) who has taken on the role of 'nanny' or as we say, 'aunty sun sun'.

BRADGATE PARK WHITNEY had a successful career as a showjumper before becoming a mum. December 2021, gave us our first Lusitano Sport Horse foal, WYNTON TORA V - an outstanding colt by CELERE (Imp). With height, long legs, excellent bone, correct conformation, exquisite looks and a beautiful calm temperament, WYNTON TORA V is everything we had envisioned with our Sport Horse breeding program.

BRADGATE PARK WHITNEY takes our breath away with her exceptional movement with an expressive and light trot, a walk that oozes purpose and a canter that is ground covering. She is undoubtedly producing foals with exceptional movement, particularly the walk, which we aimed to enhance in our breeding as the gait is such a critical gait in para dressage.

Some of the world's best dressage lines are seen on the sires' side, and the dams' side has the most influential jumping lines, which we feel is the best combination when creating future performance horses.


"You need a bit of jumping blood in the mare to breed a good dressage horse – Parzival, Totilas – they both have strong jumping blood in their pedigrees" - The Horse Magazine.

BRADGATE PARK WHITNEY is by the black 17hh KWPN Keur approved stallion WYNTON who was named champion of the KWPN stallion licensing at the 70-day testing for three year olds in 2006. He earned 9 for his trot and canter, 8.5 for his walk and a 9 for overall capability as a dressage horse.

JAZZ is the grandsire of BRADGATE PARK WHITNEY - a significant sire for dressage breeding that was ranked #1 on the WBFSH Dressage Sire Ranking in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. In addition, the dam line of WYNTON holds super sires MATADOR II (ridden by Kyra Kyrklund), RUBINSTEIN I and WELT AS, who is the sire of BONFIRE (ridden by Anky van Grunsven).

EGO GUINEVERE is the dam of BRADGATE PARK WHITNEY - a mare renowned for producing highly talented progeny with excellent movement, jumping ability and temperament. In addition, EGO GUINEVERE is the dam of the dominant sire CAMELOT EGO Z, making BRADGATE PARK WHITNEY half-sister to one of Australia's most outstanding jumping sires. 


The grandsire of BRADGATE PARK WHITNEY on the dams line is GRANNUS II - a stallion imported to Australia in 1986 that left his mark on Australian breeding by producing Grand Prix dressage and jumping horses. GRANNUS, the sire of GRANNUS II, was a legend in his lifetime. His offspring have earned over 5 million euros in competition and competed in multiple Olympics and World Championships, and he has sired 60 approved sons.

Bradgate Park Whitney foals bred by Tora V Stud

2022 Foal - Sir Foxley Tora V

2021 Foal - Wynton Tora V

Bradgate Park Whitney

Sire: Wynton - Champion of the KWPN stallion licensing 2006

Grandsire: Jazz - Ranked #1 WBFSH Dressage Sire 2008 - 2011

Dam: Ego Guinevere, dam of AUS jumping legend Camelot Ego Z

Ego Guenivere
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