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Andaluka Elegido


6th November 2005 | Grey (EEAAGg) | 16hh

PRE Stallion

ANCCE approved for breeding | AHAA, FEI and EA registered

WSSF negative | PSSM1 negative

Andaluka Elegido


Top Achievements

Non-Traveling Reserve | Tokyo Paralympics 2020

Inducted into the Sporting Hall of Fame as an 'Elite
Sporting Animal' for Australia Day 2019

Australian Shadow Squad Rider Paralympics Rio 2016

Australian High Performance Squad 2013-2021

Qualifying scores for WEG 2014 and Paralympics 2016

Boneo Classic CPEDI FEI Para Grade II Champion 2020

VIC Dressage CPEDI FEI Para Grade II Champion 2019

Australian National FEI Para Grade II Champion 2019

Australian National FEI Para Grade Ib Champion 2016

Australian National FEI Para Grade Ib Champion 2015

NSW State Dressage FEI Grade II Champion
2013/2014/2015/2016 and 2017

PREAA Dressage Highpoint Champion 2017

NSW AHAA Grand Champion Led Horse of Show 2014

NSW AHAA Highpoint Score Competition Open 2014

NSW AHAA Most Successful Exhibition 2014

AHAA Working Roll Of Merit 400 points

Andaluka Elegido

Tokyo Paralympic Games reserve

ANDALUKA ELEGIDO 'Eddy', is a Spanish horse with an impressive performance record. During his 12-year partnership with Victoria - his only rider - ANDALUKA ELEGIDO won numerous awards and accolades, cementing his position as one of the most decorated Spanish horses in the region.

In 2021, ANDALUKA ELEGIDO retired from competition, but not before achieving one of his most remarkable feats yet. Victoria and ANDALUKA ELEGIDO were selected as the only reserve combination for the Australian Para Equestrian Team at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, a testament to their incredible skill and partnership.

After retiring, ANDALUKA ELEGIDO was in great health and spirits, having enjoyed a long and successful career. His partnership with Victoria was recognized worldwide for its beauty and synchronicity, and they will be remembered as one of the most remarkable horse-and-rider combinations in the sport.

History was made

Victoria and ANDALUKA ELEGIDO had a successful 12-year partnership, during which they represented Australia in several CPEDI international events as part of a team of 4.

2016 Victoria and ANDALUKA ELEGIDO participated in an Australian qualifier for the Rio Paralympic Games. This event turned out to be a historic moment for Australia's Para Equestrian team, as they achieved the highest score ever recorded. Victoria and ANDALUKA ELEGIDO played an instrumental role in this achievement, showcasing their exceptional talent and teamwork.

Australia Day Hall of Fame

On Australia Day in 2019, ANDALUKA ELEGIDO was inducted into the Shoalhaven Sporting Hall of Fame as an Elite Sporting Animal, marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career. This prestigious recognition is a testament to his exceptional achievements and contributions to the world of sports.
He has been regarded as one of the most outstanding Australian sporting animals in the Shoalhaven region and will forever be remembered as a legendary athlete who has left an indelible mark on the sport of Para Equestrian in Australia.

From the beginning

Victoria and ANDALUKA ELEGIDO made history when they were selected for the Australian High Performance Para Equestrian Squad after just ten months under saddle. Their position on the squad was well-deserved and they held it from 2013 until late 2021 when Victoria announced his retirement. During their time on the squad, they competed in several international competitions, showcasing their skill and earning recognition as one of the world's top para equestrian combinations.

ANDALUKA ELEGIDO has an impressive list of credentials in para dressage, having consistently placed in the top ranks of numerous para dressage events. He has also been highly successful in open dressage, competing up to official medium at state and national levels.

His versatility is evident in his performance at breed events, where he has won many supreme and champion titles in both in hand and under saddle at national and state championships. In addition, ANDALUKA ELEGIDO achieved his AHAA Working Roll of Merit in less than a yea. His success is a testament to the dedication and skill of his rider, Victoria, and their partnership is an inspiration to equestrians around the world.

True Spanish type

During the 2012 revision, the visiting Spanish delegate took note of ANDALUKA ELEGIDO, as a Spanish stallion with great movement, proper Spanish type, and an impressive adherence to the breed's morphology. The delegate was highly impressed with his overall physique and athletic confirmation.

ANDALUKA ELEGIDO's walk is excellent and ranks among the best in the breed, scoring 8s and 9s internationally. His walk is characterized by an outstanding stride length, a perfect rhythm, and a smooth flow, which are all highly desirable traits. His trot is equally impressive, with a beautiful rhythm and an excellent expression that matches in front and behind. His canter is light-footed and well-balanced, making him a joy to watch. In terms of athletic confirmation, ANDALUKA ELEGIDO has a super shoulder, a gorgeous neck set, and a stunning head profile, which are all highly desirable traits in the breed.

ANDALUKA ELEGIDO is related to FUEGO DE CARDENAS, an Olympic and WEG Spanish team member, through the Yeguada Militar stallion MALUSO. This connection adds to his already impressive reputation and highlights his potential as a top-performing stallion.

A Comedian - horse of a lifetime - a best friend

ANDALUKA ELEGIDO is a magnificent stallion with a personality that is larger than life. He is extremely affectionate and loves spending time with Victoria. Whether he is being groomed, tacked up, or just hanging out after a ride, he can often be heard whinnying for her attention.

To Victoria, he is not just a horse, but her best friend and a once-in-a-lifetime companion. At competitions, ANDALUKA ELEGIDO was a true showstopper. He had a natural talent for entertaining people and always seemed to be the centre of attention.

He absolutely loved the electric atmosphere of competitions and thrived on socializing with people and other horses. He is always eager to pose for photos, but his favourite activity is going for walks and nibbling on the grass.

Despite his outgoing personality, ANDALUKA ELEGIDO is also a true gentleman. He carries himself with pride and dignity and always seems to know when to be gentle and caring with Victoria. He was a favourite with FEI officials, not just for his good behaviour but also for his impeccable manners. All in all, ANDALUKA ELEGIDO is a remarkable horse who draws attention wherever he goes and is a joy to be around.


ANDALUKA ELEGIDO, to date, has not produced any offspring. Therefore, he has not been used as a breeding stallion or collected. The only reason - was we wanted to wait until after his competitive career.

El Caballero Dejado

Sire: El Caballero Dejado

Hortelano VII
Manuka Montego

Grand sire: Manuka Montego

Hortelano VII (Imp Spain)


Maluso (Yeguada Militar)


Agente (Yeguada Militar)


EL CABALLERO DEJADO is the sire of ANDALUKA ELEGIDO. A stallion that has 3 times throughout his lines - EMBAJADOR II who was one of the first Spanish stallions to be imported to Australia and sired by MALUSO (Yeguada Militar)

ANDAKUKA MAYA is the dam of ANDALUKA ELEGIDO. Her lines go back to JENSON (Yeguada Militar), a son of AGENTE (Yeguada Militar), who is said to be the most famous son of MALUSO and laid the foundation for the success of the Spanish horse in dressage.

MANUKA MONTEGO is the grand sire of ANDALUKA ELEGIDO. He was a stallion with an impressive list of credentials that won numerous national, state and royal championships. MANUKA MONTEGO is known for producing offspring that excel in performance and can be seen through many lines of the PRE horse in Australasia.


HORTELANO VII (Imp) is the sire of MANUKA MONTEGO. He stood at an impressive 17hh and was imported to Australia from Spain by renowned horseman Malcolm Barnes. At the time, HORTELANO VII was part of Jerez's Domecq Royal Riding School. During his time in Australia, HORTELANO VII and Malcolm took the equestrian world by storm, promoting the Spanish breed at high level dressage, royal shows and exhibitions.

MALUSO (Yeguada Militar) was known for producing offspring of true to type characteristics, with great cadence and athletic movement. MALUSO is the sire of AGENTE (Yeguada Militar) and the grandsire of LEBRIJANO III (Yeguada Militar), who is regarded as one of the essential stallions within the history of the PRE. MALUSO can be seen 3 times throughout the bloodlines of ANDALUKA ELEGIDO.

Andaluka Elegido
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