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Tora V Stud
Andaluka Elegido
Bolong, NSW Australia 2540

Stud Location and Facilities

Tora V PRE & Lusitano Stud is located on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia, 2 hours south of Sydney airport and surrounded by rolling mountains and picturesque farmland.

  • 20 x 60 all weather sand area

  • All weather sand round yard

  • Stable complex for stallions and mares

  • Wash bay and Tackroom

  • Equimesh foal paddocks with large shelters

  • Large stallion paddocks with post and rail fencing with electric

Our Mares and Foals

As a boutique stud, we can ensure our breeding mares are well handled and cared for, receiving only the best! They are fed a balanced diet twice daily with prime pasture to ensure healthy guts; they have access to quality year-round pasture paddocks with shelters. In addition, they are on a regular farrier and worming schedule, up to date with vaccinations and have spa days, all to ensure they are happy and healthy, resulting in strong and healthy foals.

Our foals are handled from the moment they are born and raised in a professional and safe environment where they are free to run around and grow while learning to have their feet picked up, farrier, be brushed, lead, tie and interact with other animals and people. All foals are registered with relevant breed associations with DNA taken and microchipped.

Breeding Program

Our breeding program is based on careful planning, passion and over 30 years of experience within the industry. We have travelled the world to source quality stallions and mares suitable for our performance and breeding needs. This has led to progeny with harmonious and suspended natural movements, excellent minds and positive attitudes towards learning, ideal for any discipline and the amateur to the professional rider.

Lusitano Breeding

Our passion for the Lusitano horse began in 2014, spending three years semi-based in Portugal and with the purchase of our Imported Lusitano stallion CELERE. With our time spent in Portugal, we have made good friends who taught us much about the Lusitano breed, the ways of the APSL studbook and the bloodlines that fill the breed's history.


With the small gene pool in Australia, we inspire to help grow the population of the Lusitano horse by using only high quality approved breeding stock. We have three Lusitano horses, CELERE - the highest credentialed Lusitano in the Southern Hemisphere, holding the title - Recommended for Dressage Breeding Sire and LUA D' OLIVERIA - the highest graded Lusitano mare in Australia. It took many years to find the correct Lusitano mare as we knew this mare would be the foundation of our Lusitano breeding program and leave a substantial impact on Lusitano breeding within Australia. We feel very honoured to have CELERE and LUA D' OLIVERIA.

PRE Breeding




Luso Sport Horse and PRE x Warmblood

Inspired by similar European breeding programs using proven performance Warmblood stallions over approved high quality PRE and Lusitano mares. The progeny results have been spectacular, with an exquisite blend of athleticism and elasticity of the Warmblood and the power mechanics and mind of the PRE and Lusitano.


Our Warmblood mares had successful careers before becoming mums and were chosen for our stallions based on their movement, temperament, international bloodlines, conformation and trainability under saddle. With our focus on performance and dressage, we have chosen mares with confirmed dressage sire lines and strong jumping lines on the dam lines. "You need a bit of jumping blood in the mare to breed a good dressage horse – Parzival, Totilas – they both have strong jumping blood in their pedigrees" - The Horse Magazine. 

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